Chapter 10. L2TP

Table of Contents

10.1. Preface
10.2. Audience
10.3. Assumptions
10.4. Subnetting and routing
10.5. Setup of SmallWall software
10.6. L2TP User Setup
10.7. L2TP Firewall Rules
10.7.1. Example of filtered L2TP Rules
10.8. Setting up a L2TP Client
10.8.1. Testing our L2TP Connection in Windows ™

10.1. Preface


L2TP support is Brand New. I fully expect it to have surprises along the way. Please ask any questions in the SmallWall forums, and feel free to report any sucesses there as well.

This chapter is intended to outline L2TP VPN type setups. Many modern operating systems can support L2TP, but additional components may need to be downloaded and / or installed.

All Trade Marks ™ are represented in this document, and no intention is made that this document, SmallWall, or the author are in any way related to any of the companies holding these Trade Marks. All Trade Marks are copy written by their respective companies.

The terms firewall and SmallWall are used synonymously in this chapter.