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    Here you will find the official release images of SmallWall. Also, there are beta versions, and handy development tools to be foudn here. While beta code is intended to be stable, release code is recomended for production enviorments.

    If installing for the first time, the CD-Rom version is probably what you want.

  • SmallWall 1.8.3

  • Unsigned Images (For upgrades of m0n0wall or t1n1wall firewalls)

  • Changes from last version (m0n0wall 1.8.1)
    • Many web GUI changes;
      • Wider screen (925 pixels) to keep various tables from wrapping to two lines.
      • Branding and color changes.
      • Extensive additional text explanation of various options.
    • Broader default NTP support. (4 servers by default)
    • Full L2TP Support! (Much more secure VPN)
    • More secure defaults on the IPSEC pages.
    • More secure image signing.
    • KVM Virtio driver support out of the box. (VMware soon)
    • Several of Andrew White's changes;
      • r7 (build script permissions)
      • r9 (dhcp-pd logging)
      • r11 (dhcp6 permissions)
      • r12 (stderr to exec.php)

  • Snippits, stuff, and code cookies. (Developer stuff)

  • Development releases
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