SmallWall is only possible due to the contributions of many people. This is a thank you to those people and organizations that surprised me with their generosity.
  • Manuel Kasper - First, he created m0n0wall, which was the basis for SmallWall, as well as many other projects. But also for giving his blessing to this project, and continuing to assist me with code and encouragement. And for a simply amazing personal e-mail.
  • Chris Buechler - Chris wrote the original m0n0wall documentation about 10 years ago, and still hosts it. He also helped others learn development, including me! But more important, he has given me lots of advice on trademark and securing the repository. He also shared all his old docbook code (the documentation format) and made some recommendations on editors. And most important, he corrected a misunderstanding that should never have happened.
  • Nearly Free Speech - OK, they did not do anything for me that they do not do for all of their customers. They are just a rock solid provider, that is very simple to set up and dirt cheap. Handy for a project that is free!
  • Oxygen XML Editor - Not only is it a nice editor, (and it is making all the documentation behind SmallWall) but they fully support FOSS with a free license.

- Lee Sharp

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