Appendix B. Third Party Software

Table of Contents

B.1. Introduction
B.2. Collecting and Graphing SmallWall Interface Statistics with ifgraph
B.3. Updating more than one Dynamic DNS hostname with ddclient
B.4. Using MultiTech's Free Windows RADIUS Server
B.5. Configuring Apache for Multiple Servers on One Public IP
B.6. Opening Ports for BitTorrent in SmallWall
B.6.1. Opening BitTorrent for Multiple LAN Hosts
B.7. Automated config.xml backup solutions
B.7.1. Backing up and committing to CVS
B.7.2. Backing up to the current directory
B.8. Historical Interface Graphing Using MRTG on Windows

B.1. Introduction

There are a number of third party software packages that provide functionality that SmallWall does not include. These applications are not installed on SmallWall, but rather on another system on your LAN. This section of the handbook will document how to use several of these packages.

If you know of other third party applications appropriate for this section of the documentation, please email the editor at