B.6. Opening Ports for BitTorrent in SmallWall

For maximum performance when using BitTorrent behind NAT, you should open ports 6881-6889 to your PC. As of version 3.2 and later, BitTorrent uses 6881-6999 though you should be fine with the smaller range.

Of course, other programs use different port, or random ports or other well known ports. You will have to know what ports your client users.

To open these ports, create an Inbound NAT rule matching the following, changing to the IP address of the system using BitTorrent.


If you aren't already using a static IP or static DHCP reservation, you should set one up for that machine now so its IP address will never change.

B.6.1. Opening BitTorrent for Multiple LAN Hosts

BitTorrent starts at port 6881 and will sequentially try higher ports if it cannot use that port. It uses one port for each client session you open. To use BT on multiple hosts on your LAN, open a few ports in the range of 6881-6999 to each host.