Chapter 16. Other Documentation

Table of Contents

16.1. Installation
16.2. VPN/IPsec/PPTP
16.3. Wireless

There are many people who have written additional documentation for m0n0wall over the years which are beyond the scope of this manual, or which have not yet been incorporated into this manual. This chapter provides a reference to some of those sources to help you when you find yourself in a situation not covered in detail in this manual.


This is mostly historical information. Much of it no longer applies to SmallWall, and may links may be broken. In many cases the WEayback machine at is your friend. As time goes on, more things will appear here.

16.1. Installation

m0n0wall Live Installer - FreeBSD Live CD (built using FreeSBIE) including all m0n0wall 1.11 and 1.2b3 images and instructions on using it. (Suplimented by the SmallWall CD Installer)

Installing m0n0wall over a network - Roberto Pereyra