1.6. Contributors and Credits

1.6.1. Code

SmallWall is managed by Lee Sharp.

The following persons have contributed code:

Manuel Kapser (mk at neon1 dot net): m0n0wall

Andrew White (andywhite at gmail dot com>: L2TP code and many other patches

Bob Zoller (bob at kludgebox dot com): Diagnostics: Ping function; WLAN channel auto-select; DNS forwarder

Michael Mee (m0n0wall at mikemee dot com): Timezone and NTP client support

Magne Andreassen (magne dot andreassen at bluezone dot no): Remote syslog'ing; some code bits for DHCP server on optional interfaces

Rob Whyte (rob at g-labs dot com): Idea/code bits for encrypted webGUI passwords; minimalized SNMP agent

Petr Verner (verner at ipps dot cz): Advanced outbound NAT: destination selection

Bruce A. Mah (bmah at acm dot org): Filtering bridge patches

Jim McBeath (monowall at j dot jimmc dot org): Filter rule patches (ordering, block/pass, disabled); better status page; webGUI assign network ports page

Chris Olive (chris at technologEase dot com): enhanced "execute command" page

Pauline Middelink (middelink at polyware dot nl): DHCP client: send hostname patch

Björn Pålsson (bjorn at networksab dot com): DHCP lease list page

Peter Allgeyer (allgeyer at web dot de): "reject" type filter rules

Thierry Lechat (dev at lechat dot org): SVG-based traffic grapher

Steven Honson (steven at honson dot org): per-user IP address assignments for PPTP VPN

Kurt Inge Smådal (kurt at emsp dot no): NAT on optional interfaces

Dinesh Nair (dinesh at alphaque dot com): captive portal: pass-through MAC/IP addresses, RADIUS authentication HTTP server concurrency limit

Justin Ellison (justin at techadvise dot com): traffic shaper TOS matching; magic shaper; DHCP deny unknown clients; IPsec user FQDNs

Fred Wright (fw at well dot com): ipfilter window scaling fix; ipnat ICMP checksum adjustment fix

1.6.2. Documentation

SmallWall is managed by Lee Sharp.

The following persons have contributed documentation to SmallWall:

Chris Buechler (m0n0wall at chrisbuechler dot com): Editor, of original m0n0wall documentation. Numerous contributions throughout.

Lee Sharp (lee at smallwall dot org): Editor, of current SmallWall documentation. Numerous rewrites and contributions throughout.

Shawn Giese (shawngiese at gmail dot com): Numerous contributions to the m0n0wall documentation.

Jim McBeath (monowall at j dot jimmc dot org): m0n0wall users Guide outline, editing

Rudi van Drunen (r.van.drunen at xs4all dot nl) with thanks to Manuel Kasper, Edwin Kremer, PicoBSD, Matt Simerson and John Voight: m0n0wall Hackers Guide, used as the basis for the old Development chapter, now part of the SmallWall Developers' Handbook.

Francisco Artes (falcor at netassassin dor com): Original m0n0wall IPsec and PPTP chapters.

Dino Bijedic (dino.bijedic at eracom-tech dot com): Sonicwall example VPN contribution.