15.14. What about hidden config.xml options?

Some SmallWall options are only accessible by modifying config.xml directly. This is usually the case for strange/exotic options that only few people (should) use. Instead of cluttering the webGUI with lots of options that almost nobody really uses, they can only be set in config.xml. For the ultimate reference on all available options in config.xml, download your own from your firewall using the exec.php page to download the file /conf.default/config.xml , or get the latest tarball of the filesystem available at http://www.smallwall.org/downloads/SmallWall-fs.tar.gz.

To put in these options, download your config.xml via the backup feature and open it in a text editor. Put in the desired options in the appropriate location in the file, as shown in the default config.xml linked above. After saving your desired changes, use the restore feature in SmallWall to restore the changed configuration.

Some options are documented below: