4.7. The Status Screens

4.7.1. System

Figure 4.3. The System Status screen

The System Status screen

Along with being the log in landing page, you can see the key information of your firewall. Specifically, you can see that your memory is not full, your CPU is not loaded, and your uptime was much longer then you thought. There is also a space for a bit of documentation, like the IP address of that access point you can never remember.

4.7.2. Interfaces

Figure 4.4. 

This is where you can force a new IP address (if DHCP) or a new connection (if PPPoE) if needed. Also check for errors and duplex mismatches. And, of course, the missing link.

4.7.3. Traffic Graph

Figure 4.5. The Traffic Graph screen

The Traffic Graph screen

The traffic screen allows you to select an interface, and view real time throughput graphs on that interface.

The Adobe SVG viewer is required to view the graphs. This page has a link to the installation for this viewer.

4.7.4. Wireless

More information on wireless features can be found in the Wireless chapter.

4.7.5. The status.php page

The ultimate page showing the status of your SmallWall device is actually not shown on the menu. You simply add "/status.php" after the ip address of your SmallWall device, for example This page will show statistics of the following information.


Make sure to remove any sensitive information (passwords, maybe also IP addresses) before posting information from this page in public places (like mailing lists)! Passwords in config.xml have been automatically removed.

  • System uptime

  • Interfaces

  • Routing tables

  • Network buffers

  • Network protocol statistics

  • Kernel parameters

  • Kernel modules loaded

  • ipfw show

  • ipnat -lv

  • ipfstat -v

  • ipfstat -nio

  • ipfstat -6 -nio

  • unparsed ipnat rules

  • unparsed ipfilter rules

  • unparsed IPv6 ipfilter rules

  • unparsed ipfw rules

  • resolv.conf

  • Processes

  • dhcpd.conf

  • ez-ipupdate.cache

  • rtadvd.conf

  • df

  • racoon.conf

  • SPD

  • SAD

  • last 200 system log entries

  • last 50 filter log entries

  • ls /conf

  • ls /var/run

  • config.xml